To ensure that our custom solutions address your business needs as completely as possible we off a business analysis consultancy service which we use when assign every new requirement.

Whilst our clients all have a firm handle on the issues their businesses face, they often recognise that they may not know how best to resolve them. As part of our services, we can help with a complete analysis of the business needs and make recommendations on how they can be addressed. If we find that a simple solution already exists, then that will be our recommendation We like nothing more that to help clients using our knowledge and experience.

We offer:

Workflow analysis

By fully understanding how the business functions, it’s processes and associated workflows we can gain a strong insight into the company and this enables us to design the best solution with the right database structure to ensure fast effective responses to user operations. It also ensures that the project starts in the right way , thus saving time and money.

Expert advice

New requirements are often involve existing applications which need to be extended and systems that have to be linked to the new system. For many reasons these existing applications may not be able to be removed and we are forced to make the best of. In such projects we usually start off by providing advice. We present you with the various alternatives and help you make informed choices.