Linear Blue originally developed KeyPupil for Hospitals in conjunction with the Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street. The idea was to create an efficient technology solution to seamlessly integrate and manage their data to save time, resources and overall costs.

The software is primarily designed to track student development and attendance, whether it be only for one visit or as ongoing teaching for the longer term pupil. KeyPupil manages all student areas effortlessly from lesson planning to government reporting. The reporting side of the system is essential for the school funding and integrates astutely with Local Education Authority protocols.

KeyPupil for Hospitals is now available on Apple’s iOS devices – iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The iPad, with its long battery life, light weight and ease of use make it the perfect administrative tool for teachers. By freeing teachers from performing administrative tasks at their desks, more time is spent with students. The system stores all the information a teacher will ever need about a student – regular school details, special needs information, permissions and correspondence are all at their fingertips. From entering student review information and printing reports straight from the iPad, the entire process runs like clockwork.