Project Description

Subscription and Donation Management

When the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) needed help in managing their subscriptions and donations which are key to the success of the charity, they approached Linear Blue to help with their internal systems.

The FileMaker database system at NRAS is designed to store and track all forms of contacts that the charity needs to communicate with, whether they are organisations such as hospitals or the media; through to their members, medical staff or benefactors. The system is designed to make the organisation of the many different types of contacts as efficient as possible. Through this system they can also track donations and subscriptions to NRAS publications. From the main system, the users can also then run mail merges through to Microsoft Word for ongoing mail-shots.

In addition to the main database, the system is also directly linked to the NRAS website, allowing online subscriptions to be pulled directly into the main database system in their offices.