Project Description

School Management Database System

The Independent Co-Education Hall School in Wimbledon asked us to help design and develop a new database system which would allow for the easy collation of data by teachers and administrators within the school environment. The main aim of the system was to make sure that the data could be used to effortlessly produce reports which help promote school values to parents.

One of the key challenges was to implement a system which would allow the teachers to access the database from anywhere. To facilitate this, a web interface was developed – this would allow the teachers the same levels of access whether they were at the school or at home. The interface has different levels of security and privacy, meaning that the data can be fully controlled and remains secure.

The database has facilitated many sections of the school administration, including storing full contact details for both teachers and parents, storing all exam details, creating report cards and tracking pupil attendance, medical information and parent contact information.