Project Description

Sales Order Processing and Point of Sale

Force4 Chandlery‘s brief encompassed the design and development of a brand new sales order processing system to manage the sales, stock and delivery aspects of their multi-faceted business. Not only did they need a system that could manage the standard requirements of a mail-order SOP system, but also with custom product and customer attributes and complex management reporting. In addition to unique purchase order requirements Force4 also needed a system that could run as Point-of-Sale in their shops.

Custom point-of-sale with offline mode

We designed a completely custom sales order processing system to meet the exact needs of Force4, implementing it throughout the mail order side of the business. The next step was to implement the system in the Force4 shops. The main objective was to allow all the shops and the head office to share information between them; the problem we had to solve was that if a shop lost Internet connection the system should not go down or they would not be able to sell anything at the tills. To handle this eventuality we designed a system that could operate standalone in the shops and then synchronise data as required. The system can also intelligently store any data in a buffer if the network connection is lost and then automatically send it once the connection recovers.

Point of sale with till display, cash-drawer and receipt printing

Another key element of the shop based system was its ability to run as a point-of-sale unit, complete with cash-drawer, till display and receipt printer. Utilising FileMaker Pro as a development platform for the system we were able to integrate various hardware and software technologies to create a unique sales environment.