Project Description

Web based data collection for call centre use and report generation

The Automotive Marketing Agency collect and processes data from various car dealerships around the UK, this data can then be used to improve staff training and track ROI for sales training. They required a system to streamline the current process they had in place and approached Linear Blue to create an entirely on-line system. The choice to make the system entirely web-based was to allow for anyone on any PC (or mobile device with a full web browser) to access the site and use it to its fullest extent.

The system we created (using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax) allows dealerships to submit customers details for follow up, these are passed to the call centre aspect of the system and then the results are entered by the call centre employees. The system automatically collates all of this data and produces PDF reports from the individual results as well as graphs which can be used to identify trends. The reports can be sent out as soon as they are ready or batched and sent at predefined intervals.

AMA currently have an established base of dealerships within England and Ireland and are currently expanding to offer the system to larger chains of dealerships.