This month Linear Blue’s very own Jason Erickson was the guest speaker at the DigFM Meeting in Santa Clara, California at FileMaker’s head office. The DigFM Meeting is a monthly meeting of FileMaker enthusiasts who meet and share ideas and discuss the best practices of using the FileMaker Platform. This month Jason introduced Linear Blue’s new product, SyncServer Pro (SSP) which was born and rebranded from SyncDeK. SyncServer Pro arms you with an effective and efficient solution that understands’ and caters to – customer processes and anxieties over their sensitive data. While the systems and software have grown increasingly complex, SyncServer Pro is optimized for pain-free integration yet powerful enough to accommodate even the most complex syncing requirements. SyncServer Pro ensures your data is secure, and available when you need it most. SSP is available for download in three different versions including our Tier-1 version which you can download for FREE! To find out more about SSP please visit the SyncServer Pro website or contact us.